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Off-Campus Study Story Slam

The spring 2020 Story Slam will be held on January 30th at 4pm in 101 McGregory Hall. Light refreshments will be served.
Returning study abroad students share stories about their time abroad.‚Äč Returning students are prompted to tell stories using the following categories:

•    CULTURE / FOOD / DAILY LIFE - “I can’t believe I ate it.” “It’s true what they say about culture shock.” “The daily habit I brought home with me.”
•    LANGUAGE - “I thought I was fluent.” “Foreign slang and profanity 101.” “When I dreamed in Italian, I knew I had made it.” “Brits don’t speak English.”
•    ACADEMICS - “What I used to take for granted about Colgate.”  “Putting the ‘study’ back in Study Abroad.” “How I helped discover a cure for cancer at the NIH.”
•    TRAVEL - “What I found when I got lost.” “How to know which strangers to trust.” “How to make a new place feel like home.” “Europe on a shoestring budget.”
•    IDENTITY - “Who I was and who I am now.”  “Letter to myself pre-departure.” “What I learned about America while abroad.”

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