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  • Locations: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Program Terms: Fall Approved Prog
  • Restrictions: Colgate applicants only
  • Dates / Deadlines
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Colgate Faculty Led: No Global Engagement: No
Click here for a definition of this term Language of Instruction Other Than English: No Approved Program: Yes
Required Language Course: French
Program Description:

GenevaApplication Deadlines:
- January 1: students seeking financial aid for year 5
- February 1: everyone else

Colgate University and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva have established a new program that will enable a small number of students to complete a BA from Colgate and an MA from the Graduate Institute in five years, instead of the usual six years.

Participating Colgate students will spend the fall semester of their senior year in Geneva at the Graduate Institute (Please note: Students may apply only during their Junior year). They will return to Colgate for their final semester and for graduation, and then go back to Geneva for a fifth year of study to complete their master's degree.
Years 1, 2, and 3                     BA at Colgate University
Year 4 BA + MA:
Fall Semester at the Graduate Institute
Spring Semester at Colgate University
Year 5 MA at the Graduate Institute

Candidates will be nominated to the Graduate Institute by Colgate University.

Master's Programs

The Graduate Institute offers two categories of master's programs to Colgate students:

1. Disciplinary Master's Programs in:
  2. Interdisciplinary Master's Programs in:
  Exact details of the curriculum and course offerings of each program are available on the Institute’s online course catalogue. Students enrolled in an interdisciplinary MA are exempted from certain components of the study plan, such as the capstone project and the choice of a specific track.

For general information on the Graduate Institute, see


Graduate Institute, GenevaPrerequisites

There is no language prerequisite at the Graduate Institute. Most classes are taught in English. Students with limited or no French will study French as part of their program in Geneva.

To be eligible for this program, students:
  • Should have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Must have completed 24 credits of coursework by the end of their junior year.
  • Students who plan to spend their full junior year off-campus, should speak with their academic advisor before applying for the joint AB/MA program in order to confirm eligibility.

Tuition and Fees

During the fourth year of study: Students pay the Colgate University tuition, and Colgate will pay the tuition, room and board charges assessed by the Graduate Institute. Students on financial aid will continue to receive that aid. Colgate will bill students for additional room and board charges for the fall semester of their senior year.

During the fifth year of study: Students are responsible for paying their own tuition to the Graduate Institute as well as room and board and other incidental costs. Students may apply to the Graduate Institute for financial aid according to the Graduate Institute's regulations and practices. Total estimated cost for an academic year in Geneva is 26,000 CHF (approximately $27,500 US). This includes tuition (8,000 CHF or $8,500 US), along with room and board and other expenses (18,000 CHF or $19,000 US).
Monthly Budget Estimate for Students in Geneva During 5th Year of Program:

Rent: CHF 700 - 1,200

Monthly rental charges vary widely in Geneva, both in private accommodation and student residences. At the Graduate Institute Student House, single rents range from CHF 700 to 1,200 per month. Flats and shared accommodation range between CHF 1,000 and 1,200.

Food: CHF 600 - 800

Savings can be made by shopping at discount supermarkets or seeking the best deals for food. Eating out in Geneva can be expensive and weigh heavily on a limited budget. Students benefit from a permanent 10% reduction at the cafeteria on the Maison de la paix campus.

Public transport: CHF 45 - 70

Public transport costs vary depending on age (students under 25 pay CHF 45, while older students pay CHF 70) and location (Geneva only or including suburban tariff zones). Year-long subscriptions are more budget efficient if used over 12 months. Daily and weekly passes are also available.

Health insurance (illness and accidents): CHF 100 - 500

Minimum coverage is a legal requirement for each individual living in Switzerland. Some providers offer cost-effective student packages. Cost variables might include the annual deductible amount (not covered), non-mandatory options for additional coverage and a choice of private or semiprivate hospital options. 

Mobile phone: approx. CHF 30

Most students purchase either a prepaid or monthly cell phone plan. In addition to the one-time cost of buying a phone, which can range between CHF 0 - 300 depending on the type of contract, brand and model, most students pay around CHF 30 per month for standard cell phone service.

Other costs: CHF 200+

In general, you will need to plan for additional costs which may include day trips, going out with friends, shopping and unpredictable expenses. Note that like most other budget items, this cost is variable depending on your financial ability and circumstances.

Total monthly cost: CHF 1,675 – 2,800

Colgate students on financial aid might be eligible for aid assistance during the fall semester of their senior year if they have not yet participated on a semester-long study group or approved program.  Additionally, students can apply for aid directly to the Graduate Institute on their website.

More Information

For further information from Colgate University, please contact:

Ed Fogarty
Director, International Relations Program
Associate Professor of Political Science

For further information from the Graduate Institute, Geneva, please contact:

Ms. Eliane Minassian-Kellermann, Head of International Programmes

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Fall Approved Prog 2022-2023 02/02/2022 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.